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Message from the President (1993)

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Dear potential customers,

Is it necessary to have an office in Tokyo?

Is it necessary to have an office in Tokyo?

Should all your staff members be 'physically present' at your office? Our experience has shown that employees do not have to commute to a downtown office to work efficiently.

While big cities are convenient and their magnetism attracts many people, it is not essential to be in an urban area to conduct business.

Our specialty is to plan and develop information, and this is how we work: Each staff member has a personal office. Some might be working from their hometowns, far away from Tokyo, while others could be working in small offices near where they live. Making use of our expertise in communication technology, we combine such offices to build a network so we can efficiently collaborate with each other.

Our goal is to serve the customer well. Even if we are located far away, or in different time zones, we are confident that we can provide you with top quality service.

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