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Our Objectives

Change of Economic Environment

We are now facing a huge wave of globalization. In the past, by focusing on ideas and a manufacturing industry capable of creating high-quality products, Japan achieved a miraculous postwar recovery. However, as we enter an age when information, products and capital flow freely across borders, production bases are being shifted overseas, and the fact that Japan is lagging behind in enhancing its international competitiveness is drawing attention. Meanwhile, Japan's framework of high economic growth, in which the manufacture of products creates new demand and continuously enriches people's lives, is collapsing.

In this age of low economic growth, we are urged to try to establish a low-cost, efficient society.

Change of Working Style

Working environments, in which values are created, are also drastically changing. Under pressure from markets that attach great importance to profits, companies have frequently restructured their operations. As a result, the lifetime employment system, which once anchored Japan, has virtually broken down. The number of NEETs, who have no regular employment, has been increasing, especially among young people. Although this is a matter for concern, it might also be seen that the increase of NEETs is a manifestation of young people's modest resistance against rigid, outdated organizations and working styles. In any case, it is plain that mismatches between conventional companies and working people are occurring, making labor markets totally dysfunctional.

Therefore, we need to utilize a skilled labor force which, in the conventional order of corporate society, has not entered the labor market.

Solution by Using Internet

An instrument that connects "the necessity to try to establish a low-cost, efficient society" and "the necessity to utilize a skilled labor force which has not entered the labor market" does not exist in the conventional world which is restricted by many geographical factors. However, we are confident that, if the Internet, which can easily reach beyond barriers of time and distance at low cost, is utilized, these two, urgent issues can be solved at the same time.

Problems in Matching

The Internet is not a magic wand. Although there has been growing pressure to promote a fluid labor market, it has not reached the extent where labor is bought and sold through the Internet's inherent mechanisms, such as P2P. It is also difficult to manage the work provided by diverse individuals, and for companies, which are buyers, there are always risks regarding quality and reliability.

Solution Offered by Galileo

Galileo offers solutions which are essential to settle these issues. First of all, using our proprietary system, we manage many individuals' work, and assure its quality and reliability for our clients. Then, using the latest Internet technology, we realize low-cost services, and help clients maintain their price competitiveness.

Staff members who provide their efforts, and clients requiring those efforts -- Our solutions will satisfy both sides.

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