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| Recruiting translators for web-delivered news stories

At Galileo, Inc., translators for web-delivered news stories are being recruited on an ongoing basis.

The contents of the articles for translation are mainly concerning computer/internet-related high technology, business, science and culture.

Galileo, Inc. currently handles translation for a variety of U.S. news sites, including Hotwired Japan WIREDNEWS,, and DIAMOND LooP. For further reference, please visit their websites.

As the translation work is done from home, it does not matter where the translator lives, as long as access to an Internet connection is available. Applicants living outside of Japan are also welcome. Galileo, Inc. can accommodate specific working hour requests; e.g., full-time, a specific day or days of the week, available hours on a daily basis, etc.

Payment is proportional to output. The amount of payment will be calculated based on the total number of words translated. Roughly speaking, the rate will vary within the range of 5 to 10 yen per word, depending on the quality of the translation.

Two articles have been arranged as a test for applicants. Please translate both articles at the following URLs into Japanese and send them to Galileo, Inc. along with your resume, information on available working days and hours (work can come on weekdays, holidays, early in the morning, and/or late at night) and a "self-advertisement" including your specialty. Use the application form below or send by e-mail.

For successful applicants, further translation test articles based on published news articles will be provided. After successful completion of this test, the applicant will become a registered translator for Galileo, Inc.

For applications/inquiries, please contact:

- Initial Translation Test Articles
Translate both articles at the following URLs into Japanese.

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