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Message from the President

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Message from the President (2006)

Change the way we work. Change the way we live.

The importance of the Internet continues to grow and grow. As with telephones and cars, it has come to be taken for granted over the last decade, but it still has a lot of untapped potential. The revolution has only just begun.

Since the establishment of our company, we have thoroughly utilized the Internet and built up all our systems in line with it, because we believe that it is the most unrestricted and efficient way to work creatively. It also results in the shattering of all kinds of old notions and "the creation of a new type of Internet-based company."

Using the Internet, we give each staff member more leeway to do their work, and consequently encourage freer lifestyles. As a result, more cost-effective services can be produced. Our customers are satisfied with the values created through our working style -- this is where our specialty lies.

The Possibilities of a Ubiquitous Office System

We have thought about how the Internet can be utilized to the maximum, and devised an ubiquitous office system that is unique to our company.

The point of the ubiquitous office system is that there is no office where staff members congregate. Sharing all information through the Internet, staff members can work at any place where the Internet is accessible. It also eliminates the unnecessary cost of maintaining luxury offices.

The liberation from a dependence on offices yields an unexpected byproduct, which is that more people can be organized as our workforce. Even housewives and office workers can take advantage of their field of expertise and work online at odd times. If handicapped people, who normally have difficulty going outside their homes, use this system, their physical disabilities do not matter at all.

We buy little chunks of time on capable people's hands, collect it up, sew it together and offer services with added value to our clients -- Our strength lies here.

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