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Inquiries Regarding Personal Information Protection of the Academic Society Operations and Information Services

We strive to handle your personal information and inquiries stringently to protect your privacy. Please read the following carefully and click "Agree," if you agree.

The handling of personal information in case of inquiries

Purpose of obtaining and using personal information

We will use it to respond to your inquiries.

Utilization, provision and entrustment of personal information

We shall handle personal information stringently according to our privacy policy and shall not provide it to a third party. We shall not entrust personal information to outside parties.

Voluntary provision of personal information

Although providing your personal information is optional, if you do not complete the required fields including name, email address, title, and content, we may not be able to respond.

Obtaining cookies

We use cookies to enable easy use of our website. However, information acquired via cookies does not allow the identification of individuals. Furthermore, all users are able to decline or disable cookies through their browser settings and have a warning message displayed upon receipt of cookies.
However, when you decline or disable cookies, some parts of our website may be unavailable.

Request to disclose personal information

If you wish to request notification of the purpose of use, disclosure, correction, addition or omission of the contents, suspension of use, elimination, or suspension of its provision to a third party regarding the disclosable personal information obtained by Our Company, please contact our "Privacy Office" indicated below. We will respond promptly after confirming the identity of the requester.
In relation to inquiries regarding personal information, including requests for disclosure, etc., please see "Galileo, Inc.: Basic Policy on Personal Information Protection"

Privacy Office, Galileo, Inc.
Personal Information Protection Manager

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